62. My Etsy shop is back!

I “closed” my Etsy shop a while back.  Like a LONG while back.  Mostly because I was finishing up my dissertation and I just didn’t have time for crafting and consistently posting listings.  It’s been about a year and half since I defended my dissertation and successfully obtained my PhD, so it’s about time I opened up shop again.  I also got my Paypal account all sorted out (it was on “limited” status because someone in a foreign country tried to access my account…long story).

It’s not exactly full at the moment, but you can check out my shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaPiumaBella

Here’s a little sneak peek at the pretty things I have up for grabs.  🙂

Gold chandelier earrings with hot pink Swarovski crystals and hand-wrapped turquoise howlite, $14

Gold chandelier earrings with hot pink Swarovski crystals and hand-wrapped turquoise howlite, $14

blue quartz earrings

Blue quartz earrings with teal Czech glass beads, $18

green quartz earrings

Green quartz earrings with pink coral and pyrite, $36

faceted glass bead earrings

Faceted glass bead dangle earrings, $12

orange carnelian earrings

Burnt orange carnelian earrings in gold vermeil, $38

heart pendant necklace

Red marbled heart pendant necklace with hematite beads, $18

pink cubic zirconia earrings

Pink cubic zirconia earrings, $32

neon yellow ceramic earrings

Neon yellow ceramic bead earrings, $8

peacock swarovski crystal earrings

Peacock Swarovski crystal earrings, $14

swarovski pearl earrings

Beaded earrings with Swarovski pearls and Czech glass, $8

faceted glass earrings hot pink

Faceted glass earrings with paint splatter beads, $12

I have a ton of stuff that still needs to get photographed and listed, too!  What do you think of my selection so far?  I’m curious to hear your feedback.

I look forward to sharing more pretty things with you soon.

Happy Monday!



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