56. Sewing: It’s time to take it all in.

In my recent quest to dress a bit nicer for work, I pared down my closet and got rid of some things.  I also took out the pile of clothing that needs some sort of alteration (mostly shortening length or taking in).

This is my current list of items that need some sort of sewing:

6 blazers (yep, I’m insane)
2 skirts
2 dress pants
2 jeans
2 hoodies
1 button-up shirt

That’s a lot of stuffs.  I’ve obviously been procrastinating for quite some time…

I’ve decided that I need to make all of the necessary adjustments to THESE clothes before I acquire anything else that needs work.

Now that all of that is out in the open, I actually started some alterations last night!  My first project will be to take in one of the blazers, as well as shortening the sleeves a bit.  I scored this baby for $4 at Goodwill.

red blazer alterationsI guess the fit isn’t all that bad, but I definitely like my blazers a bit more form-fitting.  The sleeves are obviously too long…thank you, petite frame.

There’s also this problem:

red blazer alterations

Apparently, the previous owner was mauled by a cat.  Or a raccoon.  I’m not keeping the lining anyway as I’d like to keep this alteration as easy as possible, so it’s just going to get ripped out and put out of its misery.

I will hopefully get to work on the actual sewing tonight!  Stay tuned to see the “after” version, with a complete run down of how I did my alterations.


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