53. I have a confession to make.

*** Warning: Shameless self-promotion ahead!***

I’ve been cheating…on this blog.  With another blog.  Scandalous!

Seriously, though, I recently started a secondary blog.  It really has nothing to do with this one.

I post my outfits.  And you look at them.  And tell me whether they look good (or not).

I originally started it on Tumblr back in January…but I’m not a fan of how that site works.  It seems like everyone just reposts photos of stuff.  No one puts out original material.  So, I’m back to WordPress.  I guess I never should have left…how naughty of me!

Anyway, if you are interested in checking out blog numero dos, here’s a fancy link for you to click.  Okay, it’s not that fancy.

Gabby Gets Dressed

Please be gentle; it’s still under construction.  I’ll be drawing a header image for the site sometime this week.  It will be fabulous, obviously.

I do actually have some real posts for THIS blog in my queue.  Stay tuned!


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