52. I broke a pair of pants. The first time I put them on.

Last year, I bought my very first pair of white jeans.  I got them on sale at Old Navy, and they were the last pair in my size.  It was like the heavens parted, and God shouted, “Buy them, my child!”  I’m not about to argue with a deity, so I did.  Without trying them on.

It turns out that Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans run a LOT smaller than their other styles.  I did buy a few sizes up because of this, but the jeans were still a teensy bit snug when I tried them on at home.  The zipper is also fairly short due to the rise of the pants, so as I was pulling them on…the zipper completely broke.

broken zipper

I did actually wear them once with the broken zipper; I just wore a tunic-length tank underneath to cover up my blunder.

The jeans are still sitting in my closet, looking pretty much brand new.  I would love to wear them again, but I’d like the zipper to be in working order.  I have a moderate amount of sewing skills and I own a sewing machine, so I think I’m finally going to get around to fixing them myself.  I found a pretty in-depth tutorial here: Replace the Zipper in Your Favorite Jeans

I think I should be able to do this on my own, as long as I take my time.  I might have to purchase a zipper foot, but I’m fairly certain one came with my machine.

We’ll see how this project turns out.  The only alterations I’ve done are hemming a few pairs of jeans.  If this goes well, I’ll have to try my hand at altering some of my thrift store finds.

Wishing you unbusted zippers,

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4 thoughts on “52. I broke a pair of pants. The first time I put them on.

  1. You’ll definitely want a zipper foot. It’s almost impossible to run a zipper under a regular one–the stitching gets all crooked and ugly. But don’t worry, zippers are actually really easy! Once you sew your first one (which will probably be a little confusing, admittedly), you don’t forget how. You’ll want to sew a zipper to everything.


  2. Hi Grabriella, Maripat from LearningAlterations.com here. Thanks for the link. If you want to try fixing that zipper first, you may not have to replace it. At the bottom of the zipper there should be a square metal stopper. Using a pair of pliers, carefully remove that, keeping the prongs in tact. Join the zipper pull back up with the second side if you can. Zip it up to see if it works. Then replace that metal stopper. There’s no guarantee it will work, but it’s worth a try. Good luck 🙂


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