46. Antique store score.

I’ve been meaning to check out Antiques on Second for quite a while, and I had the opportunity to visit last Saturday.  I brought my mom along, and we had such a good time looking through everything.  Well, the things  we had time to see, anyway.  We were there for an hour, and that was just the first floor.  There are two more floors of untold treasures I have yet to see!

I did find the cutest little mirror, though.  I was secretly hoping to find one to display jewelry on my dresser, and I found this beauty for $15.  A decent price, indeed.

antique mirror jewelry tray display
I love displaying jewelry like this.  It makes me feel classy.  Pinky-in-the-air-while-drinking-tea classy.

How do you display your jewelry?


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One thought on “46. Antique store score.

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