33. DIY Wedding: Framed Table Numbers

Today I’ll be showing you an easy project I did for our May 2012 wedding: DIY framed table numbers!

Here are the incredibly simple instructions.

DIY Framed Table Numbers


Photo credit: Laura Zastrow (http://www.laurazastrow.com/)

Photo credit: Laura Zastrow (http://www.laurazastrow.com/)


small picture frames
printer paper or card stock (your choice, I used card stock because I already had some lying around)
table number template


1. Pick a template and design your table numbers.  I used a free template from Wedding Chicks (find it here).  I like the templates from Wedding Chicks because you can type in whatever you want and play with different color combinations.  I typed in the number of the table inside the scrolled frame, and spelled out each number below.  I chose to do this because some of the numbers in the provided font were a little weird.  Well, at least to my eyes.  However, I really loved the “feel” of this font since our wedding had small touches of art deco (even our venue was built in the 1920s).

2. Save each table number as a separate file.  I believe all of mine were jpegs.

3. Print out the numbers.  I used card stock because the printer paper I had on hand was thin and somewhat transparent.  The card stock took up the ink really nicely.  Allow the pages to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.  You don’t want anything to smear of you’ll have to reprint!

4. Most frames comes with some sort of paper insert.  I removed the paper insert and used it as a template to trace around each number lightly with pencil.

5. Cut out the printed table numbers and insert them into the frames.

6. Enjoy your handiwork!

Photo credit: Laura Zastrow (http://www.laurazastrow.com/)

Seriously such an easy project, and they’ll look sooooo good.

The only materials I had to buy for this project were the photo frames, which I found at Dollar Tree for (you guessed it) $1 each.  I already had the card stock and my printer had plenty of ink, so you’ll need to factor in those costs if you aren’t as prepared.

I initially made up 22 frames, but we ended up only needing 13.  I sold our numbers after the wedding and recouped the cost, so no biggie. 🙂  This is such a quick project I’m sure you could wait to put these together until you get in all of your RSVPs (that way you’ll know the exact number of tables).

Photo credit: Laura Zastrow (http://www.laurazastrow.com/)

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!  No worries, I still have a ton of wedding things to show you.  😉


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