17. Ah, finally the story of the dining room chairs!

Did you ever find that one thing you were looking for, only to be disappointed by the price tag?  I love finding exactly what I want within my price range!  It’s such a rush finding a great deal, and I get an insane amount of satisfaction from telling other people about my finds…especially if it helps them save money, too!  Case in point: my search for the perfect set of metal dining chairs.

I am in love with metal dining chairs, specifically the Tolix A chair.  If you haven’t heard of this chair, you don’t know what you are missing!  Here it is, in all of it’s wondrous glory:


Source: tolix.com

These chairs were designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934.  Definitely a timeless classic.  The popularity of this model has only increased with the revival of the Tolix company in 2004, so one can imagine that I would not be so in love with the price tag that comes along with this popularity.  Getting your hands on an authentic Tolix chair will not require you to ship them over from France, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

Pottery Barn sells the Tolix A in black, white, red, and bare metal for $269 each.  Yikes!  We wanted 6 of these chairs for our handmade rustic dining table, but with the $60 surcharge ($10 per chair) plus $168 shipping and handling (10% of the order), the total would be over $1800.  None of the available choices were even close to the color we wanted! Um, no.

After perusing the interwebs for another source, I discovered Industry West.  They sell the Marais A Side Chair for $145 each in a TON of different colors.  Better price, but the cost of 6 chairs plus shipping would still cost almost $1000.  I’m the queen of deals, people; there is ALWAYS a cheaper price!

At last we come to Restoration Hardware’s Remy Side Chair.  These normally sell for $129 each, but I happened to catch them on sale…for $89 a piece!  Also, as if the heavens parted and showered me with extra special rays of money-saving goodness, shipping was FREE.  Yes, that’s right.  F-R-E-E, free.  And no surcharges for being an oversized item!  Although I had stumbled upon a great deal, I was hesitant to order from RH after reading page after page of horror stories.  Items being back-ordered for months without notice, delayed shipments, extraneous credit charges, and damaged furniture…needless to say, not a pretty picture.  However, after inspecting said claims, it seemed that most of these issues stemmed from custom items and large pieces of furniture which were shipped via “white glove delivery” (i.e. a crappy third party delivery company).  Luckily, these chairs did not require the special delivery service, so I pulled the trigger.  I ordered them on a Wednesday, they shipped the following day, and I received them via UPS less than a week later.  No back-orders.  Quick shipment.  Perfect condition.  No suspicious credit card charges.  Pretty hassle-free, no?  I suppose this may be another case of “don’t always believe what you read”, but then again, maybe I just got lucky.  I guess we’ll never know!

I’m so glad I found these chairs.  Look at how GORGEOUS they look in our dining room!


The best part?  A set of 6 chairs plus tax came out to less than $570.  Are they the “real deal”?  No.  However, these are such a close match that I’m still in love.  Maybe one day we can get some authentic Tolix chairs, but I’m totally okay with using these in the meantime.


P.S. If you also love the dining room table, we built it ourselves!  Check out this post for the tutorial. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “17. Ah, finally the story of the dining room chairs!

  1. I am curious what color you chose of the Remy chair. Also, do you still love them? Are they comfortable?


    • They are the “burnished steel” finish. I love the design, and I’m still pretty happy with the chairs.

      One caveat we have noticed – if you lean back in the chair (i.e. on the two back legs), they sometimes bend. You can bend them back into the proper position, but something to think about if you have kids. Also, I’m pretty short (5’1″), and with this seat height being a bit higher than average, my knees tend to hurt if I sit in the chairs for an extended period of time…I think because my feet aren’t able to sit flat on the floor. I don’t think this is an issue for taller folks, as my husband is of average height (5’10”) and doesn’t have this problem.

      Overall, I would definitely purchase them again if I had to do it all over. Hope this helps!


  2. thanks for updating your thoughts on the fit of the chair. I’ve had my eye on metal chairs for awhile but after sitting in several found them to be tiny in comparison, both in height and in width of the seat. Would you say the width of the seat seems fine? our current chairs are large 19.5 inches wide. What is the actual width of these? Comfy enough for a larger rear?
    Thanks for any feedback.


  3. Hello Gabriella,

    I know this post is old but I have a question about your Remy chairs. I too, got 6 at an awesome sale price. When I was unloading them out of the boxes on the front porch, half of the foot guards (plastic floor protector thingamabobbers) were cracked and falling out of the legs. We have wood floors and I have tried felt protectors with no luck. I see that you have carpet so it might not be as big of a deal. Did you have that problem too? I might just call RH. Thanks.


  4. Hi there – I am looking at these as well. I am curious about the burnished steel color – is it close to black or does it have some brown tones in it? I need something that doesn’t really have brown in it b/c we are also buying the matching counter stools and the brown won’t work well there.


  5. Hi Gabriella,
    We just bought some too! Wondering if you ever looked for or found seat cushions for them…?


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