15. Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

I will preface this post by telling you that we are pretty far along on the progress of the master bedroom…I’ve just never showed you our plans!

We live on the second floor of a duplex built circa 1925, and I believe the floor in our bedroom is the original hardwood.  It’s pretty close to the color in the photo.  Before moving in, we painted 4 of the 6 rooms, the master bedroom being one of them.  The before is kinda “blah”.


I am a big fan of green, but this…shall we call it sage?…was not at all appealing.  Luckily, we have fantastic landlords who totally approved of our color choices.  We painted the walls with a really soothing dark blue from Behr called “Observatory”.  It’s so pretty and calming!

Unfortunately, there isn’t much wall space in our room because there are four doors (double doors on the California closet, two entrances) and two windows, a pesky radiator, and only a 10×12 space to work with.  This, you can imagine, makes furniture choices/placement somewhat difficult.  This problem is somewhat alleviated by the fact that one of the entrance doors opens out into the hallway (as opposed to opening into the room).

Here is what I am envisioning (you know you’re “impressed” with my photo collage skills):



I’ve included the following components to make up the lovely inspiration board you see above:

1. Nightstand = stacked vintage suitcases.  Seriously the cutest idea ever.  (photo credit here)

2. Tufted platform bed. The one picture above is from Restoration Hardware, but we are definitely not dropping over two grand on a bed.  I’ve decided to tackle the bed as a DIY project, which will obviously result in a nice tutorial post.

3. Ruffled duvet/comforter.  I love the look of this bedding, especially in a clean, crisp white.  It’s super expensive at Anthropolgie, but I found a more inexpensive option on Walmart’s website.  I was considering making this a DIY project as well, but after building/tufting the bed, I doubt I’ll want to take on a project like that.  It wouldn’t save me that much moolah anyway.

4. White shag carpet.  I know you’re thinking, “No!  Shag went out of style years ago!  WHY?” Because it’s awesome and fuzzy and warm and soft on your feets.  That’s why.  The carpet pictured above can be found at overstock.com for about $124.  However, I’ve recently realized that I can just buy faux fur by the yard and add my own backing to get the same effect for much cheaper.  You know how I love them deals.

5. Distressed white dresser(s).  We currently have two of these, one long and one tall.  I’ve already completed the redo of both dressers (and the mirror that came with them).  Stay tuned for the reveal on those lovelies. 🙂

6. A cute, small chair.  The one pictured above is the Flax Vanity Chair from World Market.  I have a cute little chair that my husband’s grandmother gifted to us when she moved to a smaller apartment, and I’m thinking that would be a great upholstery project to finish up the room.

7. Chandelier of sparkly goodness.  Okay, so I totally don’t think we’ll be able to replace the ceiling fan in our bedroom unless our landlord was particularly fond of crystal chandeliers (he isn’t), but wouldn’t it just be the frickin’ cherry on top of the amazing sundae I’ve dreamed up?  Sigh.  If you love the chandelier above, you can get it at IKEA.

So, there you have it, folks.  Please make sure to check back on my progress!



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