10. We’re moving…again. Time to redecorate!

My husband and I will be moving again during the month of March…three cheers for paying double rent! UGH.

It all works out though, because this place has so many benefits over our current apartment:
1. It’s closer to both of our jobs.
2. Rent will save us almost $100/month.
3. It has a dishwasher.  Heck. Yes.
4. We will have our own private washer and dryer.  Heck. Yes.
5. It has a faux fireplace in the living room.
6. Way more cabinet space in the kitchen, and the landlord is putting in a brand new floor before we move in!
7.  Hardwood floors in both bedrooms.
8. We are allowed to change the paint colors, given that we let the landlord know what we are changing them to (see below!).

I’ve been trying to make up my mind what paint color(s) I’d like to see, and I’m thinking we’ll paint the majority of the flat (it’s an upper duplex) this really pretty light tannish-gray from Benjamin Moore called Revere Pewter.

Classic and beautiful, yet trendy and modern, no?  I also think it will go with pretty much EVERYTHING.

The current couch and loveseat we have look something like this one.Untitled

The shape is slightly different, but they are the same color beige microfiber, with two-cushion backs and dark wood feet (almost black, definitely darker than what’s shown).

I would love to add a coffee table/ottoman made of natural fibers, like this one from Overstock:


However, that $510 price tag doesn’t sit too well with me!  Fortunately, there are some similar options for a much nicer price.
From Pottery Barn, $129:

From Ikea, $30:

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but I absolutely LOVE Ikea!  We have a few things from there already, including our TV stand.  This is the TV stand we have, but the color is black-brown.  I’m also pining over this adorable chair, especially since it’s in one of my favorite colors.
3Finally, I’m trying to figure out a way to decorate the fireplace in our new living room.  It’s nonfunctional, but definitely gorgeous!  Here it is (yes, this is our ACTUAL living room):

I’m really digging this decor idea, which incorporates slices of birch and lots of candles:d6a86aa722de86883394e518644c0111

That’s about where I am with the design of the living room.  Here’s an inspiration board with a few extras…I think everything pulls together quite nicely!  Please let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend!



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